Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gabriel Landeskog's "Crazy White"

Rumblings around the hockey gear world are dubbing the new stick the "Crazy White." In line with their Crazy Strong and Crazy Light, the Crazy White name seems fitting. Whether there is any truth to it, well that is another matter.

Tonight, Landeskog's stick had CCM graphics, and was not all white. Like Easton's Mako, only the bottom third of the stick was white. The top two-thirds were darker as you moved closer to the butt-end.

CCM is definitely mastering the PR of the unveiling. One or two games with the all white stick, then release the TaylorMade logo, then the next game release the full graphic package. Look for a perfectly timed tweet tomorrow from Landeskog showing what will most likely be the final graphics of the stick. Don't be surprised to see a name slapped on the stick and a few more CCM athletes using the stick by week's end.

The release date will probably be just in time for X-mas 2012 (think Easton e700 helmet), so you might want to send in your lists to Santa a little earlier this year.
Here it is:

 Michael Martin/ Getty Images

Michael Martin/ Getty Images
Michael Martin/Getty Images

I think these graphics are great, and I can not wait for this stick to hit stores. I definitely think Easton is not too happy. This will give the Mako a run for its money. 

My guess is the TaylorMade technology will be a better flex profile and weight transfer to give more velocity. 


  1. I can not wait until CCM becomes a top of the line stick company like Bauer and Easton. They are already very close.

  2. CCM really is striving to be the best in the stick category, not just among the best. This TaylorMade partnership proves that. They are really pulling all the stops as far as this "tease" goes. All of the CCM guys have been tight lipped about it, because we haven't heard anything until they have wanted us to. that's incredibly hard. Must have been working with TaylorMade for a while, yet nothing slipped.

    This is going to be a great stick.


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