Monday, March 5, 2012

Gabriel Landeskog's New Stick UPDATED

See Bottom for UPDATED picture!

Rookie of the Year candidate and Avs forward Gabriel Landeskog tweeted a picture of his new stick. Completely white, the new stick lacked any graphics. CCM may not be releasing the graphics just yet. Like the Reebok 20k ( check it out here. ) the new CCM will most likely be hitting the market in fall 2012.

Landeskog's Tweeted Pic

CCM is keeping up with the other stick companies when it comes to the prevailing graphic packages. CCM will be putting their Midnight Crazy Light stick (featuring the Rookie Trio curves: Couturier, Landeskog and Nugent-Hopkins)  in stores this April. The Midnight is the blacked out one-piece stick to compete with the Reebok 20k, Easton RS, Sher-Wood N12 and Bauer Nexus.

Now it appears CCM is going to be offering an answer to Easton's Mako. I wouldn't be surprised to see graphics on the stick come playoff time with more CCM players to use this stick in the future, like Marian Hossa, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Vinny Lecavs.

CCM has really stepped up their stick quality in the last two years. Now it appears they will continue their strive to get higher and higher up in the stick market, chasing Easton and Bauer.

Here are some pics of the "White Stallion" (can we call it that?) in action.

Getty Images

Getty Images

Getty Images

I will do my best to hunt down more info for this stick, and will update as soon as I can. 

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It appears Landeskog's stick is powered by...TaylorMade? Yes, the golf company. TaylorMade is a partner of the Adidas group which is the parent company of Reebok which owns CCM (Landeskog's sponsor). Wondering if this means TaylorMade will be joining the stick making business anytime soon. Or that TaylorMade technology and/or factory is helping with the new CCM stick. Either way, this looks like the finished product will be interesting to say the least. 

More updates as they come. Picture from Landeskog's Twitter.

What are your thoughts? Is TaylorMae making sticks, or is this a cross promotion? 

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