Wednesday, March 7, 2012

CCM's Home Page Today...

This was CCM Hockey's greeting page today. Complete with sound effects, this "teaser" was just that. No other pages on their website held any information about the product. 

Most believe that CCM will be releasing the "Crazy White' or "Crazy Velocity" sometime around Christmas 2012. Which means, from here on out CCM will be unleashing an ad campaign like no other for this stick. 

I am excited. Like I said in a comment in the "Crazy White" article, CCM really is striving to be the best in the stick category, not just among the best. This TaylorMade partnership proves that. They are really pulling all the stops as far as this "tease" goes. All of the CCM guys have been tight lipped about it, because we haven't heard anything until they have wanted us to. that's incredibly hard. Must have been working with TaylorMade for a while, yet nothing slipped. 

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