Monday, May 2, 2011

UPDATE: Pronger out for Game 2

Pronger out tonight with an injury (not his hand)... Paul Holmgren's injury report was verrrry misleading.

Danny Syvret will play in Pronger's place most likely.

No word on what the real injury is. Speculation is that it is his back (reported by Howard Eskin) and others are pointing to a confirmed head cold. But if it was a head cold, I think Pronger would have played through it. Also the word "injury" does not make it seem like a cold.

Whatever it is, it doesn't bode well for the Flyers. Pronger, while playing bad in Game 1, always brings a little more order to the team. Without him, their PP will suffer again, and well they lose one good defenseman.

Not end of the world, but definitely hurts the Flyers.

Let's hope this isn't serious as Pronger's contract is a 35+ one and will be on our books a long time. Can't have him falling apart.

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