Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Flyers Lose Game 2 in OT...

Brian Boucher....

Peter Laviolette made a mistake bringing back Brian Boucher in the third when it looked like Bobrovsky was handling things well. Especially since Boucher has a sore glove hand.

Brian Boucher's ECHL-esque play has cost the Flyers 2 games in a row, and is easily the reason why the Flyers are making mistakes in their own end. They feel pressured to break up plays as quickly as possible to stop a shot getting through, because any shot has a chance of going in. It disrupts their momentum and hurts their confidence. It makes them play away from the system.

Not much more to say there. You can mull over it and talk it from every angle but the reality of the situation is that it happened, it's in the past and Laviolette won't be changing goalies (for whatever reason). It is a same that the team played so well, but one guy is looking to end the playoff beards early. Best thing you can do is hope JVR and his line continue to play like All-Stars and steal games for this team. And for Boucher to stop a beach ball.

They still have a chance, and I'm not giving up hope. They need to play nearly flawless hockey and get bounces. They just might.

But I still find myself wishing it was time to start talking Panthers and Draft Day for them....That's where I am at mentally with this team's franchise and some of their players.

Game 3 is Wednesday at 7 pm.

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