Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Big News: To improve reader interaction we created an off-site forum.

We hope that the forums will help generate more followers for us and more interaction for you (and us, too).
As of right now we are going to keep the forums off-site. If we get a lot of interest over a good period of time we will look into moving it onto our site.

The forum is pretty plain but again, this is hopefully just the first step. If the forums take off we may get them looking pretty nice if/when we move them over to our site. Also, we only made two team pages. Florida Panthers and Philadelphia Flyers.

However, you want more teams, or have any suggestions for the forums please let us know and we will do everything to make it work

So please, jump on over to the forums and get the conversation going. Here's a link:

You can also get to it from our new zeleFORUMS page.

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