Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stephane Da Costa Signs with OTT

Da Costa has signed a 2 year deal with the Ottawa Senators.

He is expected to make his NHL debut Saturday when the Sens play the Maple Leafs.

Playing this year knocks off a year on his contract. So basically this is a one year deal that puts Da Costa as a RFA at the end of next year.

I smell that Da Costa and his rep wanted a year for him to make some loot and get ice time so after next year the serious teams can make him an offer.

With the CBA ending after next year and how that impacted his bonuses, I don't blame him. If he signed with a contending team he wouldn't get ice time, or money. Now he gets a year and a few games to prove himself while pocketing some start up money. Then he can force the Sens to move his rights, take an offer sheet or resign with them.

Smart business move by his agents and him.

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