Monday, March 19, 2012

Video Highlight Round Up and 2012 New Gear Videos

Every now and again we like to overwhelm you with a ton of videos. Here are some highlight videos we think you have to see.

But is Dats' goal from the angle better than Hartnell's extreme angle shot?

Way more Videos...

Sutter goes up stairs here...
Look familiar? Here it is earlier this month....
Phaneuf gets a-neuf of this one....
Columbus might as well have been mites on ice...
Almost as easy for Mark Streit on this one...
Leland Irving, an unheralded yet promising goalie prospect, comes up big...

That clip has everything: 3 ex-Flyers (including Luca Sbisa, a personal favorite), Jeff Carter not passing, and Carter not finishing. All it needs is Carcillo getting suspended.

Here are some equipment videos:
Warrior Helmet
RBK 20k Skate

Easton RS Skate (originally was not supposed to be released in 2012, but just might be)
Easton Mako stick review (you can see RS skate in background as well)

Journey to Mako

Bauer Nexus Skate

Gear Catalogues for 2012
While the CCM RBZ stick and Easton RS skates are not featured in these gear catalogues, they will most likely be hitting stores in Fall. Also look for more new gear not in these catalogues to spring up in the summer with a release date in fall as well.

Hope you enjoyed the videos!
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