Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bauer One.9 LE Skates Photo Leaked

Bauer will be releasing a One.9 LE skate sometime in the future. Since the updated TotalOne line of skates doen't hit stores until mid-April, my guess is an August-ish release for the LE.

However, I can stoke your excitement with a picture of what the LE skate will look like. All I can say is, "Holy snowstorm, Batman!"

Bauer has really whited out this skate, and the white toe cap is the pièce de résistance. 

Bauer may strike gold with this LE. Reebok for the first time in many years is not releasing a top of the line white skate. The White K falls around mid-range of their lineup. Therefore, Bauer's One.9 LE may just take a lot of the white skate market.

Price point will most likely be $650.00, equal to the One.9 regular skate.  The APX LE last season had the X7.0 and X3.0, so do not be surprised to see them do this for the One.6 as well, to hit a lower price point. 

I'm not a big Bauer fan but I like the look of this skate, oddly enough, and think they picked a good time to sell it, as Reebok ditched their high end white skate. 

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