Thursday, February 23, 2012

Welcome Back!?

After too many months off, zelePUCKin will be active once more. Just in time for the trade deadline!

Unfortunately our own hockey "careers" have gotten in the way of our posting. But as the collegiate season is over we, here at zelePUCKin, have realized how much writing about the sport means to us. This realization brings with it even better news. 

As we have hinted at before we will be attempting a move to a ".com" site. A complete re-branding may happen including more writers, new features and a new brand name. But that is getting a head of ourselves.

For now, we will focus on continuing updating the blog for the readers out there. 

Glad to be back! Good hockey and good night!

Please feel free to leave comments and tweet at us to give us any feedback!


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