Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stamkos on Flyers' Radar?

According to a few other sources, and noted by Anthony Gargano as a possibility, the Flyers recent moves were positioning to go and make a trade for C Steven Stamkos. Stamkos is a RFA with the Lightning this year, but can not be given an offersheet because the Flyers do not have their respective draft picks to compensate.

Though these sources are not so reliable when it comes to hockey, nothing would surprise me after today's moves.

It would take the 8th overall draft pick, Schenn (or JVR), Bobrovsky, and Carle at least to get Stamkos.

There is also rumblings that the Flyers and Panthers are working on a trade to swap the 8th and 3rd draft pick, which would give the Flyers a better chance at Stamkos. The trade would give the Panthers a better chance of getting an angry letter from me.

This deal would most likely be the 8th overall, Versteeg, and possibly a 3rd round pick for the 3rd overall. WIth the 8th overall the Panthers would lose out on their franchise player that they so desperately need.

As of now, Holmgren and Tallon have said that nothing has been done yet and Holmgren went further to say that Versteeg is an important part of the Flyers' core. Although, he said this about Richards and Carter in the last month.

I don't doubt the Flyers are knocking on the Lightning door, trying to get Steve Stamkos. I just doubt that they come close to pulling it off.

I also doubt that the Panthers give up the 3rd overal pick for Kris Versteeg and the 8th. Versteeg may be a Panther next year, but his value is a 2nd and mid tier prospect at best. Also, Florida needs the 3rd more than about anything right now.

Either way, the Flyers are definitely not done. I expect at least one more move of influence before the end of the 2012 NHL Entry Draft.


  1. WIP did not report this. Anthony Gargano brought it up as a possibility.

  2. Corrected. Thank you. Trouble of twitter sources, etc.

    Again, these are not reliable sources, but just sources talking.

  3. i don't see how tampa would ever get rid of stamkos. he's the future of their organization, and they're smack in the middle of becoming a real contender

  4. They want to remove Stamkos and replace him with Brad Richards.

  5. The Flyers do have the necessary picks the cost is four # 1 picks in a row starting with pick the year after the player signs the offer sheet. Since he would sign it now 2011 the picks would start with the 2012 draft. Which the Flyers have all their # 1 picks starting next year 2012.

  6. The problem is can the Flyers offer more than Tampa would be willing to match. With the salary cap it's not likely that the Flyer's have the cap room to over whelm the Lightning with the offer. Before the cap the Flyers would have just offered more than Tampa could afford just as they did with Chris Gratton who ironically was also with Tampa

  7. Pat--- you never know why a team may let one player go. Sure they may want to keep Stamkos but even with cap availability may be operating on internal budget an not be able to afford him. Also, if Stamkos wants out or if Tampa has a irreconcilable difference of opinion on a matter with him they may look to move him. None of that has been reported as far as I know, but those are some possible reasons why Lightning would let him go.

    Bigfootnells- you are right as far as if the flyers offer more than 7.5 million dollars a year the draft picks would be four first rounders which Flyers can do. However like you said, Tampa can afford more than Philadelphia in cap so they could still match it. Since Philly is so strapped, a 7.5 is probably too much , the offer sheet level below is two firsts (2012, 2013) a second and a third, which I believe they cannot do.
    But then again keeping track of what draft picks the Flyers hold is tiresome the way they move them around. Thank you for clarifying my statement. Hope to see you on here more.

  8. yeah, no way the lightning are letting him go, they already have talks down here of a deal being close.

  9. BOLTS FAN HERE....That is a pipe dream!!! Stamkos isn't going anywhere!!! Stevie Y is about the ink him to a new deal and the word down here is it's almost a done deal.

  10. 2 more days til he is an RFA, i thought Tampa was close to a deal. Flyers making the moves. Stamkos will be a Flyer next season....


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