Friday, May 6, 2011

Game 4: Flyers v. Bruins

Playoff beards in Flyers' Nation are in jeopardy tonight  as the Bruins look to sweep the Flyers in Round 2. This would be the second sweep of the East in the second round and exact revenge for the Beantown Breakdown last year.

How did we get here so fast? Could it really be the last Flyers game this year? Do we really want to see another one?

I'll be honest, it won't be awful if the Flyers lose tonight. It will be sad, but expected. It might be the kick in the pants for Homer to make the changes this team desperately needs (but that type of talk is for the off-season).

But what I want tonight is a pride win. Do I think we can comeback from 0-3 twice in two years against the same team (that only got better)? No. But if the Flyers come out and play with some stones it will make me a little happier. Hell, who knows if they win tonight maybe Sunday they squeak out a win at home and the series is 3-2 and Boston gets a little too much in their own heads, etc.

Just get one, maybe two wins to not totally be emasculated this year. We, fans, deserve a win this series. That's the least they could do for us, dig down deep and come out with a Flyers' hockey win.

Plus, it would really make my night if Sergei Bobrovsky plays awesome. I want him to go out there and prove that Lavy made the wrong choice going with Thing 1 and Thing 2 for the majority of the playoffs. Plus it will give  the fans the much needed confidence in this Russian netminder for next year.

Game time is 8 pm Eastern.

Come on Flyers, step it up!

I'll post roster updates when I find them.

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