Sunday, May 8, 2011

Florida Panthers to Launch New Ad Campaign

 Michael Yormark 

Panthers will be unveil a new ad campaign within the next few weeks. Its all passion and energy and speaks to our future. Its a winner!

Michael Yormark, Chief Operations Officer of the Panthers, released this tweet last night. 

For the sake of the Panthers, I hope that this campaign targets the much needed personal identity of the Florida Panthers. For too long the Panthers have been a "faceless" product and marketed as such. The Ad campaigns in the past had the personality of a vacuum commercial. 

The Panthers need to create an identity that gives the Panthers a "larger than life" feel and entices prospective fans to want to be a part of that feeling. Unlike many middle to big market teams who advertise to keep fans, Florida needs to advertise to GET fans.

They need to start from scratch and campaign like they are a fledgling team. Start from Square 1. This is really the time to do this.The Panthers have a young roster full of promise. They have a great draft pick and whether they get Gabriel Landeskog (pretty please), Ryan Nugent-Hopkins or Adam Larsson, the Panthers will have a young face of the franchise to market. In addition to this, the Panthers have the cap room and numerous contracts ending this off-season that they can create a whole new look and build for the future. These elements make a time for a newly infused ad campaign perfect. 

I just hope that it is in the right direction and speaks to the future of the team like Yormark claims it is. If he is right, the Panthers could benefit from an influx of fans next year.

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