Monday, April 11, 2011

Flyers Open Playoffs @ Home Thursday at 7:30pm

Thursday 7:30 pm can't come fast enough as Matt O'Brien pointed out to me this morning.

First games are huge in playoff series. Winning game 1 doesn't mean a free pass to the next round and losing game 1 is not insurmountable, but starting off with a win really does a lot for team confidence.

The Flyers' game one this year is more important than their game 1 against New Jersey last year. The Flyers entered last year riding the high of their season ending shootout over NYR. Oh and the whole under dog thing.

This year they are coming in after losing the conference lead and barely holding onto the division title. Their last few games highlighted the last month or two of passionless play. And the skeptics have surfaced.

They can not falter in their series opener. The home crowd will turn quickly, as they are tired of the lackluster performances. and a seed of doubt may creep into the locker room. As of now the Flyers have a clean slate. The post season tends to do that. But come out slow and drop game 1 and they are right back where they were before the clean slate.

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