Sunday, April 3, 2011

Flyers Come Up Short against Rangers

In their most consistent effort in a long, long time the Flyers fell to the Rangers 3-2 in a shootout.

Bobrovsky and the D looked really focused this afternoon. Danny Syvret filled in for Nick Boynton and didnt look out of place.

If anyone looked out of place today it was Flyers' captain Mike Richards. Richards was a walking turnover and seemed to be lacking a step. At times it was obvious he wasn't himself. He made several passes across the ice that had no intended targets and at one point simply skated away from a puck in the neutral zone on a power play with no one around him. The Flyers need their captain to step it up before they lose 1st place to the Washington Capitals.

On a brighter note, Nik Zherdev got to stay in the lineup as Danny Briere took a day off to heal some lower body soreness. Zherdev had 3 shots on his first shift. He had the 3rd assist on JVR's goal, the first goal of the game. He also had the tying goal in the 3rd off good puck movement from him and Giroux.

It was clear to see that JVR, Giroux and Zherdev had chemistry and deserve another game together. If they keep up the play they would be a playoff line that drive opposing coaches crazy.

So despite only getting one point today, the Flyers played a solid game. Hopefully this game shows the Flyers that even when they do play hard, no team is going to roll over for them.

What do you think of Mike Richards play?
Should Zherdev make the playoff roster?

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  1. Zherdev should most definitely make the playoff roster. He gives the flyers another offensive threat and he's played a solid defensive game the past 2 games. You only need one broker out there so pick carcillo or Shelley and have the other one sit. Zherdev will add a lot of offensive skill and give opposing teams a headache trying to cover all the skill guys the flyers have

  2. Broker should be bruiser my bad

  3. Pretty dead on, in the playoffs you don't need any more than 3 4th line players. Powe Betts Nodl will do fine (granted Betts is healed by then) Either way that leaves an opening for Zherdev. Like the Blackhawks last year, Red wings there cup years, and the Canucks this year, you need 3 lines that are able to produce.

    And sticking a Carcillo or Nodl on the 3rd line really hinders the other two scorers on that line. Giving them another scorer will really give every forward the fair opportunity to produce.

    Thanks for the comment Evan! Check out the zeleFORUMS for more flyers talks

  4. Is it me or has Richards been slacking since around the All-Start break? He has not had a big game since then or even stood out on the ice other than a few times.


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