Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Morning (3/27) News: La Salle Loses, Stephane Da Costa to sign, Flyers v Bruins

    Stephane Da Costa is weighing his options, looking for the right NHL team
  • First, I am sad to say that yesterday evening La Salle College High School was defeated in overtime, 4-3, in the AAA PA State Championship game to Upper St. Clair. Both teams played with a lot of guts in that game. It was sad to see any team lose, especially my team. La Salle coach, Wally Muehlbronner, said of the game: "We never quit, this just wasn't our night."                                    
    And its true. La Salle tied up the game late in the third, not once but twice. Both team's goaltenders  were phenominal, and Upper St. Clair's C.J. Murray was too much for the La Salle D to handle. He netted the game winner, for the hat trick, halfway through the overtime frame. His other two goals were lasers on the power play.
    Congrats to La Salle for the great season, next year we must look to continue dynasty of High School Hockey!
  • Stephane Da Costa, the Paris native and former Sioux City Musketeer of the USHL, is now looking to sign with an NHL team after his Merrimack Warriors lost in overtime in the first round of the Frozen Four. Da Costa is the top college free agent this year and as many as 10 to 15 NHL teams are looking to sign him. Some of those teams include the Philadelphia Flyers, Ottawa Senators and Minnesota Wild.
  • The Flyers face off against the Boston Bruins tonight in a huge game. Boston has been on a good three game stretch while the Flyers have been playing uninspired hockey to say the least. Both teams will rely heavily on their goaltending tonight, as the Flyers have as of lately, and Boston's Tim Thomas is in contention for the Hart Trophy, some say.
    This is really a test to see if the Flyers can handle a strong opponent, after failing that test with Washington (although strong effort) and Pittsburgh this past week. For Boston this is another measuring stick game to see how they stack up against a team a head of them right now. It is also a chance for them to inch closer to Washington, who they have two games in hand on, to battle for the second overall spot in the East.

    Boston has 16 possible points left this year while Washington only has 12. With Boston being 6 points back already, they need to make the most out of ever game. This is arguably their toughest game remaining in the schedule.
    I say the Bruins win tonight, 3-1 (including an empty netter). Flyers have not played with enough heart to match a Bruins team about ready for the playoffs.

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