Tuesday, March 8, 2011

La Salle Explorers Win 2011 Flyers Cup

One word: Dynasty.

The La Salle Explores vanquished the Malvern Prep Friars 3-2 in overtime to win their 3rd Flyers Cup in 4 years, thus starting a dynasty in high school hockey.

Malvern and La Salle spent the 1st period letting the butterflies leave their stomachs and feeling each other out. However, by the 2nd period La Salle started to control the game. Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for Malvern, two bad shifts in that period saw Malvern pot two goals. Malvern went into the second intermission with a healthy two goal lead.

But La Salle was no stranger to two goal deficits in the Flyers Cup. They beat Father Judge 3-2 after trailing by 2 also. And so, they did what they do best, the mounted a comeback through a relentless cycle and unending puck pursuit.

Two quick goals gave La Salle the momentum for the rest of the third. Both goalies played fantastic and Malvern's keep, Ryan Polischuk, made many game saving stops.

By the time overtime started, it was clear that La Salle's puck control and speed was going to win the game.
In an eerily similar play to Pat Kane's Stanley Cup winning goal, La Salle's Nick Master slipped one by Polischuk to bring the Cup home to Cheltenham Ave.

Crossing Broad has a great video of both Kane's and Master's goals. Here's a link: http://www.crossingbroad.com/2011/03/la-salle-wins-flyers-cup-from-exact-same-spot-as-patrick-kane.html#more

Props to Malvern for making the game interesting and playing with all the passion high school hockey is noted for. Too bad the two goals La Salle spotted them wasn't enough.

Congratulations to Wally Muehlenbronner and the La Salle Explorers for continuing the excellence of La Salle Hockey. The Explorers set their sights on the state title. That game will be March 26th at Iceline in West Chester, PA.

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