Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Flyers' Newly Acquired Tom Sestito on Twitter

If you aren't following him yet...what are you waiting for!? The guy is bleeding orange and black already through his Twitter account. Here are a few of his tweets:

 Tom Sestito 
Don't they call Philly the ? So  fans am I supposed to be easy on my  bros Tim? FUCK NO! Lets go Flyers!
 Tom Sestito 
A day to look back at old friends +look forward to new challenges. My 1st trade..lots to ponder... ok, nuff pondering, now some pounding!

 Tom Sestito 
BUT, now on to the  - rumor has it Philly likes seeing an ass kicking! Hope to see you soon and will give you what you want!

 Tom Sestito 
Hey new  fans, dont have a pic of me in uni yet so hope you dont mind the image I used?   !

His new image? The logo of the New Jersey Devils (whose AHL affiliate includes his brother, Tim) with the word SUCKS written over it.

Sestito's passion and energy, if it looks anything like his Twitter account, will be a welcomed addition to the organization. Especially to the packed Wells Fargo Center. 

Follow Tom Sestito @TomSestito23 on Twitter for, I'm sure, many more hilarious Flyers pride tweets.

Good luck, Sestito, hope to see you on the big club soon!

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