Friday, February 25, 2011

Welcome to Blogspot and zeleCHAT

Welcome, welcome, welcome.

So far the transition to the new site has been a breeze. It is one of the reasons we chose to come here, everything is streamlined and we can do so much more, so much easier, here.

Speaking of streamlined, on the right hand page now we have decided to plug in our twitter to save you some time from having to go to twitter to see what we are tweeting. There is also a "follow us on Twitter" directly under our tweets in case you aren't following us (and you should be!)

Our awesome new header by our good friend Zach Whitfield is proof that this new site is a better fit for us. We were unable to use that picture on the free software over at wordpress (whether it was because we were too stupid, or just wasn't compatible). Either way now we can give you a better designed website. Thanks again, Zach!

And finally, our biggest addition besides the move itself is that we have installed a chatroom.
Our vision is to have a place for zelePUCKin readers and writers to discuss games going on any given night, or for a place to talk during trade deadline, draft day, and free agent day. It's free, no need to give an email or anything. All you have to do is make up a username and that's it.

The chatroom is located on the top right toolbar under the name "zeleCHAT." Just click and you will be brought to the chatroom. We will usually put up a post when we expect to be in the chat ourselves. But any game night or whenever is free for users to just jump in. The chatroom is there to create user interaction. For the first few weeks, we ask that you comment on the page under the chatroom (sort of like a sign in) allowing us to measure traffic in chat room accurately. We appreciate your help in advance.

Hopefully everyone likes our changes! If there are any suggestions or problems, or if you just want to give feedback, comment below.

Again, welcome to the new site.

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