Friday, January 21, 2011

Nabokov Signs in DET, Must Clear Waivers

Russian goalie, Evgeny Nabokov signed in Det for 1 year at a little over 500k, pro-rated cap hit would be about 250k. His season in the Russian KHL was cut short after a few subpar performances. He has to pass through re-entry waivers first though, which means every team has a chance to claim him in order of standings. Flyers are the best team in league so they have last chance. Devils would have first.
With such a low salary- he is owed over half a mil but only about half of his salary goes on the cap- a lot of teams will have interest. Toronto would be a good bet as would Washington. Washington definitely would benefit fro ma sturdy proven backstop.I also would not be surprised if COL or OTT put in a claim. NYI may claim him to attempt to trade him for picks and prospects, as might the Devils. 
However, if he makes it all the way to the Flyers, I would not be surprised if he gets claimed. They would waive Brian Boucher (who would likely go unclaimed) and the cap difference would actually be in their favor (as Boucher makes more than Nabokov). Their goalie tandem would be Bob and Nabby. Nabby would be great for Bob, an experienced Russian goalie. He also would be a better insurance policy than Boucher. Also, you would play them both down the stretch and see who has the hot hand into the playoffs. If it is Nabby then you let him play in the post season. Bob will have his chance for the next 10 years.
It is not likely, but it would be a smart move for the Flyers to take in Nabokov if they can.


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