Sunday, November 14, 2010

Site Update 11/14

First off, thank you to all the viewers who keep coming back. Our views have seen a steady increase over the past few days and we appreciate all the reads.

We have decided to scrap the Game of the Night Recaps, in favor of more original pieces.We will still be doing Game of the Night previews though.  These more original pieces will be opinion pieces, (hopefully) interesting stories, what we have noticed in the league, random lists, all that good stuff.

We are also hoping to get more feedback from you, the reader, as to what YOU want to read. Any suggestions are welcomed. Just leave a comment or email us ( and we will work on getting you the product you want!

Remember to subscribe to stay current with zelePUCKin and follow us on Twitter ( @zelePUCKin ). No matter how many Twitter updates we make, or Facebook updates, our best tool to get more viewers is word of mouth from you guys. So tell your hockey savvy friends to check us out too!

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