Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hell Hath Frozen Over!

Sidney Crosby has the reputation of being the whiniest player in the game. And with good reason. However last night against the Stars, Sid the Kid didn't run to the refs for help. He, instead, threw down with Matt Niskanen. The Pens were trailing 4-1 and the game was already chippy. This is Crosby's fifth fight and Niskanen's third.

Even though it was a lightweight battle, Crosby's great balance gave him the upper hand as they both mainly connected with helmet and tossed each other around. More important than the fight is the fact that Crosby showed old school leadership to inspire his troops. This will definitely pay dividends down the stretch as I am sure it inspires the Pittsburgh locker room.

Although I am not Crosby's biggest fan, it is great to see him try to shed the critiques of his "soft" play and be an all around captain. It is moves like this, not asking refs to make an announcement to stop Capitals' fans to stop throwing hats on the ice after Ovechkin's hattrick or sucker punching a Thrasher or diving in the Stanley Cup, that will endear him to more fans, even of rival teams.

Video of Crosby/Niskanen fight

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