Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crosby Gets More Help vs. Rangers

Last night the refs and Sidney teamed up again to beat the New York Rangers 3 to 1.

Here is all you need to know. Sidney Crosby was skating down the ice with Brandon Dubinsky. They are both battling for the ice. Crosby decides he has had enough and slew foots/dumps Dubbie on the ice. Refs call interference on Dubinsky.
SERIOUSLY? Here is the video:

Crosby, of course, throws on his tough guy act on after the game.
How many penalty minutes do I have this year, if I'm that dirty?," said Crosby, who has 15 penalty minutes this season. "I mean, please. Show me all those dirty plays. It's a battle and he falls. I think Dubi has done his fair share of things out there that are questionable. I guess he's talking again. But I'm not surprised."

Sidney, I believe what he is saying is the league DOESN'T call penalties on you when you do dirty stuff because they have crushes on you. Therefore, you wouldn't have penalty minutes.


Two games against the Penguins that were hosed for the Rangers. One game where they lost the PP opportunity battles 6-0. And now this. Brutual.

Crosby and the Penguins get special treatment, it is well documented. Crosby is dirty it is well documented. And Crosby believes neither of these things to be true. This must come from being coddled and spoiled as the Next One since you have been 14.

The kid has out of this world skill and work ethic. I just wish he wasn't such a damn brat.

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